This weeks links (2013-08-12)

In brief:

* How the word ‘troll’ has been redefined by the powerful (2013-Aug-16) [The Guardian]
The word once had quite a specialised meaning, but it has now become a catch-all term to describe any behaviour that some editors or columnists deem inappropriate

* How Laura Poitras Helped Snowden Spill His Secrets (2013-Aug-13) [NYT]

* The 5 Best Climbing Movies of All Time (2013-Aug-01) [Sierra Club]


* Eneco Tour (WT) – 12-18 August

Some reading/listening:

* Harry Turtledove – Cayos in the Stream (2013-Aug-07) [Tor]
You’re the greatest writer of the age, gone to ground and subsiding into drink. You always said you wanted to catch some of those Nazi bastards in the waters around your beloved Cuba. What happens when you actually get your wish?
This novelette was acquired and edited for by senior editor Patrick Nielsen Hayden.

* Doctor Who, Season 4: Episode 3 The Fires of Pompeii : is free on Itunes for a “limited time” iTunes AUS

* Have a listen to the Doctor Who – Series 7 (Original Television Soundtrack) [Amazon UK]

Something from Bandcamp:

The Underliving by Priscilla Hernandez

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