DETALKS – The Future of Aid


❝This panel discussion is inspired by Joel Negin’s article: ‘The future of aid: not all about the money?’, which explores the concept of knowledge becoming the new aid resource. Will a potential shift in aid delivery to sharing knowledge and skills have profound implications on how AusAID, NGOs, universities, and others undertake their work in the future?❞

A bit of a hack but managed to stream last week’s Oxfam session from Q.320 onto Google Hangouts using the Polycom 7000s, a *very long* S-video cable back to a canopus-300 unit, and a 20m XLR connecting a Shure 58Beta onto the mixer into the KLDC Skype kit ‪#‎webconference‬ ‪#‎DuctTapeAndCableTies‬

Mixing from KLDC, rather than Q.230, introduced a few issues. There were some in room microphone issues that caused problems for the pickup microphones. Another issue to be resolved is to have the panel to remember that they are on camera and to interact with the stream audience as well as the live audience.

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