This weeks links (2013-08-25)

In brief:

* Steampunk: where history and the future collide (2013-Aug-30) [ABC: Future Tense]

* Map Patrol > The Map Patrol Vehicle [HEMA]
The Map Patrol is responsible for updating Hema Maps’ database of mapping, which means they have to get themselves to some of the most exciting and challenging 4WD tracks and destinations in Australia. …

* #microadventure on Tagboard

* $30m TAFE blowout adds to IT woes (2013-Aug-25) [The Age]
… The latest initiative is a student administration system for TAFE institutes to keep records of their enrolments and finances, which began under the former Labor government in 2009.
Four years later, the cost has blown out from $66.9 million to almost $100 million, several major institutes have refused to take part, and the program has still not been fully implemented. …

* Mushtape #7: Amanda Palmer’s Ten Songs… (2013-Aug-23) [Mushroom]

* The Circus At The End Of The World is the title track to Abney Park’s new album, which goes on sale September 7th, 2013.

Vuelta a Espana 2013, 24 Aug – 15 Sep 2013, Spain
* 2013 Vuelta a España [SteepHill]
* Vuelta a España 2013 [SBS Cycling Central]

Some reading/listening:

* Cory Skerry – Breathless in the Deep (2013-Aug) [Lightspeed Magazine]
When Jantz spotted a black skeleton jutting up above the water, at first she thought it was just a tide-battered tree, but before long she could make out the shredded ropes and scraps of sail. The wooden bones were the charred yardarms of a sunken ship.

* The Nine Novels That Defined Steampunk (2013-Apr-29) [Steampunk Workshop]

Something from Bandcamp:

The Steampunk Piano by Ryan Sequin

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