Splendid Chaps – Nine/Women


This year Doctor Who turns 50! To celebrate these 11 ‘splendid chaps‘, Ben McKenzie (Dungeon Crawl, ‘patron saint of geek comedy’) and John Richards (ABC1’s Outland, Boxcutters TV podcast) are recording a live podcast every month from January to November.

In September it’s Nine/Women

❝ Our ninth major episode brings us finally to new Who, that time when the seemingly impossible happened and the show returned! Russell T Davies reinvented the Doctor by casting renowned TV and film actor Christopher Eccleston, famous for serious roles in dramas like Cracker, Our Friends in the North and Elizabeth. His simultaneously light-hearted and tortured portrayal of a man who has lost everything won over old and new fans alike, though the revelation after the smash success of the first episode that he would only be staying for one year took fans and media by surprise. Despite his short stay in the role, Eccleston defined the new era of Doctor Who and laid the groundwork for the format that persisted ever since.
Just as important to new Who was new companion Rose Tyler, played by pop star turned actor Billie Piper. For some she was a revelation compared to the “scream queens” of the past; but is this a fair assessment? We take as our theme women in Doctor Who: was having a proactive and near equal status companion for the Doctor really such a radical idea? Has Doctor Who been as terribly sexist as has often been claimed? Are the women in the show as varied and multifaceted as the men? And is the modern series really better in its portrayal of women than the old? ❞ [1]

Homework viewing for episode Nine/Women
An internet crib sheet guide to the Dr Who episodes listed for the Splendid Chaps Nine/Women.


❝ Young London woman Rose Tyler is at work when she is surprised by animated shop dummies, but she is saved by a mysterious man in a leather jacket who calls himself the Doctor. Though he tells her to forget him, she discovers he is a legend, the subject of Internet conspiracy theories: he has appeared throughout human history, and wherever he goes, death and destruction follow. Tough, resourceful, at times silly but with uncompromising morals, this Doctor has seen much and survived terrible losses. But he’s also alone – until he inspires Rose to realise her potential and save him, and the planet, in return… ❞ [1]


❝ here is your homework viewing for Nine/Women … Of course, as The Ecc only had the one season, you could just watch all thirteen of his episodes. Watching our list you’re nearly halfway there!❞ [2]

Your homework viewing for Chris Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor is:

☛ Aliens of London/World War Three

Aliens of London was the fourth story in the first series of Doctor Who. It was notable for featuring the first cliffhanger in the BBC Wales run, by virtue of starting the first two-part story. Keeping cliffhangers in the show allowed Davies to expand the plot and restore a well remembered part of the original series.
Narratively, the episode introduced the Slitheen, who would return to Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures. It marked the first appearances of Toshiko Sato, who would later feature as a regular character on Torchwood, and the recurring character of British politician Harriet Jones. It also reintroduced UNIT to the revived series.

World War Three was the fifth episode of Series 1 of Doctor Who. The episode concluded the story begun in Aliens of London. It was notable for featuring the first instance of Mickey Smith actively assisting the Doctor, and therefore behaving like a companion. It suggested a bright political future for Harriet Jones, something that the Tenth Doctor would later actively change about the timeline.
* Tardis Data Core / Tardis Data Core

☛ Dalek

Dalek was the sixth episode of series 1 of Doctor Who. It was the first appearance of a Dalek in the revived series and the debut of companion Adam Mitchell. … The Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler arrive in 2012, to answer a distress signal and meet a collector of alien artefacts who has one living specimen. However, the Doctor is horrified to find out that the creature is a member of a race he thought was destroyed: a Dalek.
* Tardis Data Core

☛ The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances

The Empty Child was the ninth episode of first series of the revived series of Doctor Who.
It was the first part of a two-part story, and writer Steven Moffat’s first episode of Doctor Who. Furthermore, it introduced Captain Jack Harkness into the Doctor Who universe.

The Doctor Dances is the tenth episode of the first series of the revived series of Doctor Who. It was the second of a two-part story, which narratively marked the start of Jack Harkness’ travels in the TARDIS.
* Tardis Data Core/Tardis Data Core


For a crash course in how women have been represented in Doctor Who, we suggest:

☛ The Dalek Invastion of Earth (William Hartnell, 1964; six episodes)

The Dalek Invasion of Earth was the second story in Season 2 of Doctor Who. It saw the return of the Daleks, who had proven quite popular when they first appeared in Season 1. Terry Nation wrote the script, this time bringing the Daleks to Earth.
The Dalek Invasion of Earth saw Susan part company with the Doctor, the first of his companions to leave. She does not reappear on television until The Five Doctors.

* Tardis Data Core

☛ Robot (Tom Baker, 1974, four episodes)

Mortally weakened by the Spider Queen on Metebelis III, the Doctor is forced to regenerate. His recuperation is cut short as UNIT investigates a spate of robberies involving components for a top-secret disintegrator gun. The culprit is quickly identified as a highly sophisticated robot built by Professor Kettlewell, being ordered to act against its Prime Directive.
Just how is the robot being used to carry out the sinister agenda of the Scientific Reform Society? Can the Doctor rescue Sarah from the robot’s clutches and avert a nuclear war?

* Tardis Data Core

☛ The Stones of Blood (Tom Baker, 1976; four episodes)

Searching for the third segment to the Key to Time brings the Doctor and Romana to present-day Earth, where the travellers have to contend with stone circles, Druidic rituals and a not-so-mythical goddess known as the Cailleach.
* Tardis Data Core

☛ Survival (Sylvester McCoy, 1989; three episodes)

Survival was the fourth and final story of Season 26 of Doctor Who. As such it was the final story to be broadcast, although not produced, of the classic series.
The Doctor brings Ace back to her home town of Perivale. Her old friends are being kidnapped by a race of alien hunters called the Cheetah People, who were shown the way to Earth by the Doctor’s old enemy the Master.

* Tardis Data Core

☛ Rose (Christopher Eccleston, 2005, one episode)

Rose was the first episode of BBC Wales Doctor Who, and was the first new episode of Doctor Who since the 1996 telemovie. It introduced Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor, Billie Piper as Rose Tyler, and recurring supporting cast Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler and Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith.
* Tardis Data Core

☛ School Reunion (David Tennant, 2006, one episode)

School Reunion was the third episode of the second series of BBC Wales Doctor Who. It continues from the prelude established in Tardisode 3.
The episode marked the return of Sarah Jane Smith and K9 Mark III, who was destroyed and replaced by a newer model at the end of the episode. Months after this episode aired, rumours of a spin-off series with Sarah Jane were confirmed by the BBC and The Sarah Jane Adventures premiered on BBC One on 1 January 2007.

* Tardis Data Core

☛ The Runaway Bride (David Tennant, 2006, one episode)

The Runaway Bride was the second Christmas special of the BBC Wales era of Doctor Who. It marked the first change of companion since the 2005 revival had begun, and also introduced the modern-era concept of the “one-off”, one-story companion. Though Donna Noble did later return for a full series of her own, the original plan was for her only to appear in this episode, thereby blazing a trail that others like Astrid Peth, Jackson Lake, Christina de Souza and Adelaide Brooke would follow.
* Tardis Data Core

☛ The Girl Who Waited (Matt Smith, 2011, one episode)

The Girl Who Waited was the tenth episode in the sixth series of Doctor Who. The moral choice at the centre of the story made it a character study of the relationship between Amy and Rory.
* Tardis Data Core

❝ …and that’s only scratching the surface! Other stories and episodes worth considering include Spearhead From Space, Terror of the Autons, The Time Warrior, The Ark in Space, Mark of the Rani, Paradise Towers, The Happiness Patrol, The Curse of Fenric, New Earth, Human Nature/Family of Blood, and so many more… ❞ [2]


Nine/Women (Duration: 1:34:15 — 43.2MB)

[1] Nine/Women (live show) (2013-Aug-11) [Splendid Chaps]
[2] The Nine/Women viewing/listening list (2013-Aug-27) [Splendid Chaps]
[3] Doctor Who – Series 1 [BBC]

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