This weeks links (2013-09-09)

In brief:

* The Battle for Your Digital Soul (2013-Sep-11) [Silent Circle]
… Small teams of highly experienced programmers can iterate builds, test and get feedback from expert talent around the world literally overnight – and produce groundbreaking innovations in secure communications and technology faster than the NSA can hold a budget meeting.
Now that we are armed with the solid evidence of what the surveillance state is doing and how they are doing it –sit back and watch as new hardware and software comes out of small innovative companies that disrupt entire multi-billion dollar cloud, communications, and telecommunications industries – based upon secure architecture and strategies learned from these disclosures. …

* Why Teachers Should Be Preparing For A Multi-Screen Classroom (2013-Sep-10) [Edudemic]

* Taking learning to the next platform VOICE: Volume 9 Number 9 (2013-Sep-09) [UniMelb]
New software is helping students of positive psychology in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education explore higher order thinking, to enhance their professionalism, from the classroom to the boardroom.

* After the election: What next for the NBN? (2013-Sep-06) [Computerworld AU]

* Facebook is testing a LinkedIn-like ‘Professional Skills’ section on user profiles (2013-Sep-08) [The Next Web]

Vuelta a Espana 2013, 24 Aug – 15 Sep 2013, Spain
* 2013 Vuelta a España [SteepHill]
* Vuelta a España 2013 [SBS Cycling Central]

Some reading/listening:

Something from Bandcamp:

Swan Song Series (Vol. 2) by Tanya Donelly

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