** October 2013 Challenge – Exotic Location! **

The Aussie Readers group on Goodreads has the October Challenge – Exotic Location!;

This month’s challenge is a little different! Find a book which will take you to an exotic location – it doesn’t matter what genre – the location is what’s important! So settle back, relax and choose a book to take you to a place you can only dream of….


My updated read for this challenge will be;

Here2There Jon Faine & Jack Faine – From Here to There: A Father and Son Roadtrip Adventure from Melbourne to London
In April 2008, Jon Faine and his son Jack closed the door on their Melbourne home and leaving jobs, studies, family and friends, took six months and went overland to London in their trusty 4-wheel-drive. This intelligent and funny recount of the countries they visited, people they met and trouble they got into, is also the story of a tender father-son relationship.
(Media: audiobook)

A very interesting travelogue, I am glad that I chose the audio book where you have Jon and Jack reading their sections. Would be 5 stars but had some elements of being repetitive at times.

Diana Gabaldon – Outlander (Outlander #1) has moved across to the November 2013 challenge

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