This weeks links (2013-10-14)

In brief:

* Amanda Palmer predicts tech will create a “new emerging class of musicians” (2013-Oct-15) [Virgin]
The second instalment of Amanda Palmer’s interview for Virgin Disruptors sees confront the issues of streaming services, the worth of artist coalitions and the emergence of a new ‘middle class of musicians’.

* Good Day – Tom Dickins & Amanda Palmer

Some reading/listening:

* C. J. Hill – Slayers: The Making of a Mentor (2013-Oct-08) [Tor]
Before dragon eggs landed on American soil. Before a Slayer camp existed. And before Tori discovered her powers . . . there was an island. Lush forests, jutting peaks, and sloping hills covered St. Helena—the single most remote island in the Atlantic. And it is here where Dr. B grew up, working each summer on the Overdrake plantation alongside his brother. All was well until the day something was discovered on the plantation and things went horribly wrong.
This novelette was acquired and edited for by Mac Kids editor Lauren Burniac.

* The io9 Calendar: October’s Can’t-Miss Science Fiction and Fantasy! (2013-Oct-03) [io9]

Something from Bandcamp:

IDTWS by Unwoman

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