[scam] FB ‘Like and Share To Win’

Be aware – the majority of these ‘Like and Share To Win’ pages on Facebook are not what they appear to be. There is a booming market in collecting ‘Likes’ and then selling off the page with the pre-built subscriber list for advertising and phishing. If there is not a link back to the vendor’s webpage with matching details about the give away you are generally being misled.


Various messages distributed on Facebook claim that users can win expensive prizes such as Apple products or designer headphones just by liking and sharing a Facebook Page

A great many of these supposed prize offers are totally bogus. The “promotions” are created primarily to artificially inflate the number of “likes” gained by the offending Facebook Page and to promote the page further by way of shared posts and images. Those who participate will never receive the promised prize. In some cases, the perpetrators of these fake promotions may also try to trick people into divulging their personal information.
Of course, some companies and organizations may operate legitimate Facebook driven promotions in which users receive a chance to win a prize in exchange for liking, sharing or otherwise participating. …❞
Bogus Prize Offers on Facebook – ‘Like and Share To Win’ [Hoax-Slayer]

* Don’t “like” bogus Pages.
* Don’t spam your friends with fake promotions.
* Don’t send your personal information to these people

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