This weeks links (2013-12-02)


In brief:

* Dvate animate Hosier Lane (2013-Nov-29) [SMH]

* JP Morgan’s “Twitter takeover” seeks questions from Twitter, gets flooded with critiques of banksterism #AskJPM (2013-Dec-01) [BoingBoing]
… The fiasco is being called one of the worst social media disasters in corporate history, …

* The privacy of ordinary Australians is under serious threat (2013-Dec-02) [The Guardian]
Intelligence representatives offered to share the confidential data of law-abiding Australians with international partners. In this Orwellian climate, who will guard the guardians?

* Zeppelins poised to make a comeback (2013-Nov-29) [The Age]
… There are only about a dozen blimps and zeppelins flying worldwide and most of them are used to float in the air for several days for advertising or carry tourists in Germany, according to Daniels.
Technological developments have helped manufacturers to build airships with larger lifting capacity and the ability to land and take off more often, he said. HAV is constructing a 120-metre-long blimp with a capacity to carry 50-tonne cargoes. …

* Best Books 2013 — Goodreads Choice Awards [Goodreads]

* The io9 Calendar: Everything Brilliant That’s Happening in December! (2013-Dec-02) [io9]

Some reading/listening:

* You’ll miss every piece of Victoria – a radio play (2013-Dec-02) [ABC Radio]
A night of old fashioned radio theatre, as broadcast live from ABC Southbank’s Iwaki auditorium in Melbourne.

* Brian Staveley’s The Emperor’s Blades on (2013-Nov) [Tor]
The emperor of Annur is dead, slain by enemies unknown. His daughter and two sons, scattered across the world, do what they must to stay alive and unmask the assassins. But each of them also has a life path on which their father set them, their destinies entangled with both ancient enemies and inscrutable gods. …

* Get Nine Free Doctor Who Audio Books! (2013-Nov-17) [GoldTardis]
Via Doctor Who Magazine & Big Finish – This offer is valid till 28th of February 2014.

Something from Bandcamp:

An Evening With Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer by Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer

An Evening With Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman: Disc 2 by Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman

An Evening With Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman: Disc 3 by Amanda Palmer

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