This weeks links (2013-12-09)

Vic Gathering 2013

In brief:

* Parents: Don’t Panic About Your Kids’ Social Media Habits (2013-Dec-12) [MIT Technology Review]

* Gender Inequality in Film – An Infographic (2013-Nov-25) [New York Film Academy]
Wow! is it any wonder there are strongly held stereotypical viewpoints in the community when this is one of the input streams.

* Why are Aussies the biggest TV pirates in the world? (2013-Dec-08) [The New Daily]


* Anna Meares breaks own 500m world record at world cup event in Mexico (2013-Dec-07) [The Guardian]
Australian Anna Meares has again proved she is the queen of track cycling, breaking her own 500m time trial world record. Meares became the first woman to go under 33 seconds for the event on Saturday when she made the most of the high altitude at the Mexico World Cup round. …

* The BikeLane Show have a Robbie McEwen cornering masterclass

* Specialized PR manager will be pulling out their hair (or without a job) by managing not one, but two, brain farts over the weekend causing mega reactions on social media. Guy’s the rule is ‘Don’t be a dick!’
#IamNOTSpecializedWar veteran forced to change bike shop’s name after threat from U.S bike giant Specialized
& TotalRush (Melbourne Specialized dealer) – Topless models for promotion: is all publicity good publicity?

To make things worse, Specialized don’t own the rights to Roubaix and the trademark owner says Specialized’s enforcement of the trademark was out of line;
… ASI says it owns the worldwide rights to the Roubaix trademark — it’s had a Fuji Roubaix road bike model in its lineup since 1992 — and has licensed it to Specialized since 2003. ASI’s Pat Cunnane said the company has no problem with retailer Dan Richter using the name on his store, Cafe Roubaix. …

Some reading/listening:

* Don’t Miss December’s Most Essential Science Fiction and Fantasy Books! (2013-Dec-06) [io9]

* The io9 Calendar: Everything Brilliant That’s Happening in December! (2013-Dec-02) [io9]

Something from Bandcamp:

Counting The Ways by Teotima

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