This weeks links (2013-12-16)

Checking out the track from CP3 - up the hill! OTWM

In brief:

* Alpine grazing. Don’t like the data? Hide it. (2013-Dec-16) [Mountain Journal]
… Yet in their proposal, the government relies only on desk top data searches of federal government information. Given that the government was roundly criticised for its poorly framed research methodology last time they attempted to put cattle back into the park, you would think they would at least make an effort to make the scientific case more robust this time.
But now, according to The Age, this lack of firsthand data isn’t just because of sloppy project design. It would appear that the government has deliberately withheld key information. …

* Apple misled customers about their consumer rights, watchdog finds (2013-Dec-18) [The Guardian]
Apple finally slapped for their questionable repair/replace process – ❝… The ACCC expressed concern that Apple was applying its own policy to customers, and ignoring the Australian consumer law (ACL), particularly with the company’s 14-day returns policy, 12-month limited manufacturer’s warranties, and offers of store credit for faulty returns instead of refunds. …❞


* The BikeLane Show : S3E10

* SKCC Supercrit – Caleb Ewan

Some reading/listening:

* Lewis Shiner – Friedrich the Snow Man (2013-Dec-11) [Tor]

Something from Bandcamp:

Skyscrapers & Helicopters by Jody Ellen

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