Tales from the Trail – “… and so it begins”

This is a story of foolhardiness for a good cause …
Darren, Chris, Frances and Gwen have formed a team , “100 Reasons – The Veterans”, to do the Oxfam Trailwalker 100 km walk starting on Friday 1st May. And, not to be outdone, Tracy, Bec, Sherry and Kristy have also formed a team, “100 Reasons – The Tenderfoots”. We will be walking as a team of 8.

This is both
– an endurance event where we all walk for 100 km within a 48 hour period from Jells Park to Warburton, via the Dandenong Ranges, and
– a fundraising activity to aid Oxfam in assisting people living in third world conditions all over the world, including indigenous Australia, as well as providing emergency relief around the world.

So for the first part, the foolhardiness
We did our first training walk as a team on Saturday morning on one of the shortest, but hardest, sections of the trail, Ferntree Gully to Olinda. We felt that as this was a new section of track which we hadn’t seen before, it was worth checking out, and it also gave us a feel for what type of terrain was going to cause each of us some trouble. Some people find the uphills more challenging, others the downhills.

We dropped a car at Olinda so we could car shuffle to pick up the other cars when we finished, then drove to the start point. The walk from Ferntree Gully took us past the 1000 Steps Kokoda Memorial Trail, and continued uphill from there. It is an extremely pretty part of the world, and was worth the walk just for the scenery … and then, disaster struck! The keys for the car at the end had been left in the car at the start! Okay, plan B, let’s walk 2/3 of the way then turn around and come back. That worked okay, and we finished the day with a coffee and a satisfied feeling that we’d finally started training. As well as all of us deciding that we need to do a bit of work on our “hill fitness”.

Checking out the track from CP3 - up the hill! OTWM

For the second part, the good cause
As we are doing this to raise money for Oxfam, we need to convince our ‘loving supporters / family / friends / casual acquaintances / random people we meet in the street’ to sponsor us for the walk. This is the bit where we ask you to help 🙂

Our teams have pledged to raise a minimum of $1400 per team, of which we need to raise the majority before the event. So all we’re asking is if you believe that what we’re doing is worthwhile and would like us to keep you up to date with how we’re going both in the lead up to the event and during the event itself, please click on https://trailwalker.oxfam.org.au/melbourne/find_team. Our teams are currently the first two on the page and you can click to make a donation on behalf of a team.
If you’re not so fussed about how we’re going but think Oxfam is worth donating to, we’d still love you to make a donation on behalf of our team, but let us know if you don’t want to receive our fabulous chatty newsletter and we’ll take you off our email list.

Cheers, from
Team 169: “100 Reasons – The Veterans” (Darren, Chris, Frances and Gwen), and
Team 171: “100 Reasons – The Tenderfoots” (Tracy, Bec, Sherry and Kristy)

Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne – 100 km – teams of 4 – 48 hours

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