This weeks links (2013-12-23)

And so it is Christmas ...

In brief:

* The 12 Days of Christmas – On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… a card game completely for free!

* Best mini barebones PCs: 5 top options to buid your own media PC (2013-Dec-21) [Tech Radar]

* 10 Lessons That We Hope 2013 Has Taught the Entertainment Industry (2013-Dec-23) [io9]


* Rogers speaks: Australian issues strong denial of wrongdoing (2013-Dec-20) [Cycling Central]

* Breyne attempts suicide after positive test (2013-Dec-23) [Cycling Central]

* The UCI YouTube channel has been streaming the Cyclocross World Cup which has definitely been worth watching.

2013 World Cup, Round 4

Some reading/listening:

* Siobhan Carroll – The Correspondence Between the Governess and the Attic (2013-Dec) [Lightspeed Magazine]
The changeling hides in the window seat. On one side of her is glass, gauzy with rain. On the other, a thick curtain. November whistles through the crack in the window frame, but she dares not move. In this house she is a creeping, persecuted thing. Best if they don’t see her. She opens the book. Reading, she knows, is dangerous: none of the books in the house are hers, nothing is hers, and the family will hold this small act against her. But reading is a better escape than none at all.

Something from Bandcamp:

Feeding the lions EP by ProleteR

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