No service with old Testra GSM SIM

NextG While my old spare Telstra SIM had been working ok in Melbourne, I had found that it was working intermittently in country areas. Initially I assumed that this was due to the handset being ‘marginal’ (a nice word for stuffed) but moving back to the HTC Desire during the Christmas holidays produced the same problem. I discovered at Inverloch that my iPad with the Telstra iPad micro SIM was getting great reception, but the Desire was showing “No Service”. Some more investigation showed that the ‘Telstra Mobile’ network was available, the Desire just couldn’t connect to the network – what’s the story here?

Some head scratching and investigation later and I discover that this SIM is *old*, in fact *very old*, and it is a GSM SIM (welcome to 2007!). While there are not too many problems in Melbourne where the cells continue to have NextG and GSM living together in some sort of harmony; this is not the case with many rural cells that have been upgraded and are now NextG only.

The quick fix is to drop into a Telstra store and swap your GSM SIM for a NextG SIM. (This will also reduce your data charges as 2G data is c.$23/min compared with NextG $2/min.)

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