Connecting iOS to eduroam (updated)

eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) is a global initiative, forming an agreement between educational and research institutions to share wireless access enabling inter-institutional roaming.

Back in my initial notes about connecting iOS to eduroam, I complained about the lack of details for configuring iOS devices for using eduroam and the ‘just the settings’ does not produce a connection that will allow you to access the network. This has now been fixed and documentation exists including notes for Apple iPod/iPhone [PDF] and the Apple iPad [PDF].

1. Install the certificate
In order to connect to eduroam you need to install the
Thawte SSL CA security certificate. Click on the link and follow the onscreen instructions

Eduroam Certificate

2. Initial connection

* Go to Settings
* Choose Wi-fi > Wi-Fi switch On
* Choose a network: eduroam

When you select the eduroam network you will be asked to authenticate, you authenticate using your home University credentials; in this case and your central/email password.

* Enter your
* Enter your password

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