Tour de Couch TDU Scavenger Hunt

Better late than never? I was very late to the Tour de Couch TDU Scavenger Hunt, but did manage to locate most of the items. Maybe next year I can get more organised and get them posted in Adelaide and with the correct hashtags?

Welcome to the inaugural Tour de Couch #TDU Scavenger Hunt!
— Tour de Couch (2014-Jan-19)

Play at the TDU:
1. Post pic of a pro (can be either the mens teams or women at Santos Womens Cup) with hashtags #tduhunt #tdu #lastnameofpro

2. Post pic of a tweet up at the TDU – with you and tweep(s) – use twitter handle of tweep(s), post with #tdu #tduhunt #tweetup

3. Pic of or selfie with an official Hilton hotel TDU cocktail hastag: #tduhunt #tdu #hilton
Nope – this one didn’t happen

4. Photo/selfie of a gelato or coffee at Cibo Espresso #tdu #tduhunt and @ciboespresso
A photo of the Cibo just before the coffee

Time for a coffee while waiting for the riders to arrive. Stage 3 #TDU stage start

5. Photo/selfie of any exhibitor stand in the village/expo and use their twitter handle when posting (or hashtag if you don’t know it) #tdu #tduhunt #business name
And so we ended up with another Skoda musette and biddon for K.

6. Photo of Drapac stencil – like the one below – you see around and post with #drapactrue
MAnaged to find a three for one deal with the Drapac stencils.

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