This weeks links (2014-02-03)

In brief:

* Chromebox For Meetings Is Coming To Australia, But Not Just Yet(2014-Feb-07) [LifeHacker]
The newly-announced Chromebox For Meetings is what you’d expect from the name: a computer powered by ChromeOS and designed to be used in meeting rooms to host Google+ Hangouts. Right now it’s a US-only product, but Google has said an Australian launch is planned later this year. …

* Goodbye, Foxtel – your Game of Thrones stand makes it hodor to stay (2014-Feb-04) [Brisbane Times]
I might have been wr-wr-wron… less right than always about stealing Game of Thrones. Because HBO doesn’t seem to care. Foxtel neither. Their cozy deal to stitch up the Australian market, denying paying customers without Foxtel subscriptions a chance to buy the series legally as it airs can only have one outcome; consolidating GoT as the most pirated television show in the world, and Australians as the most enthusiastic thieves on the digital high seas. …


* RUN V RIDE. Stybar V Nys


It seems yesterday’s fox on the skateboard at the CX Worlds is because Vos is a Fox in French Dutch … makes more sense than the Belgian Muppets.

* “La Course by Le Tour de France” #LaCourse
Coinciding with the final stage of the 2014 Tour de France, the elite of women’s cycling will come together on July 27th for the first edition of La Course by Le Tour de France. The event is destined to become an iconic race in the women’s

❝We have been given a gift of massive proportions. This is a dream come true for many women and women’s cycling supporters. This is the ideal opportunity to show who we are and what we can do. This one day can change our sport forever. The young girl inside of me is happy. I am happy.❞Gracie Elvin, Orica-AIS

Some reading/listening:

* 2013 Locus Recommended Reading List (2014-Feb-01) [Locus Magazine]
This Recommended Reading List, published in Locus Magazine’s February 2014 issue, is a consensus by Locus editors and reviewers…

Something from Bandcamp:

A Platter Of Platypuses (compilation) by Professor Elemental

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