This weeks links (2014-02-10)

In brief:

* Victorian fires: Eyes on the horizon, feeling the winds of fear (2014-Feb-10) [The Age]
… Saturday had been blazing hot, but in its stillness, had been less threatening; Sunday had the roar of the wind, and the danger was borne within it. The fire near us was in the paddocks midway between South Gisborne and Sunbury. Being a northerly, it was moving away. The ignition point was the compass to our good fortune. If it had started over our shoulders, over another hill, perhaps in the Wombat State Forest, in another field to our west, we would be leaving our house, leaving our memories, to the fates. …

* The Elder Scrolls Online – The Arrival Cinematic Trailer



* RACQ – Sharing The Road With Cyclists

* Solo Twenty-Four

Some reading/listening:

* Begin at the Beginning (2014-Feb) [Audible]
The first books in your favorite series for just $4.95 each. Get started on that series you’ve always wanted to try or take a chance on something new with our First in a Series Sale.
The $4.95 First in a Series Sale ends February 19, 2014 @ 11:59PM (US).

Something from Bandcamp:

Songs In Black & White by Glenn Bidmead

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