Adding a teleprompter to the SLR Video Kit

Using the Prompt-it Maxi Autocue / Teleprompter for iPad (AU$289.00) with Teleprompt+ for iPad ($15.99)

The Prompt-it Maxi Autocue attaches to a standard camera tripod, in this case we are using the old video camera Manfrotto as it has the built in level beads. The handle has been shifted so that the SLR can come right up to the glass reflecting surface.

The whole assembly is then covered by the material hood, giving the reflective qualities to the specially treated glass. The Teleprompt+ software is set to Speed = 5, Countdown = 5, View Timers = Off, Mirror Text = On

Prompting Rudyard Kipling’s “If”. In some cases turning the Guide on with the marker arrow and highlighting will make the reading easier.

Teleprompt+ - settings Teleprompt+ - playing script


* We cannot mount the microphone in the flash hot shoe with this configuration (no shit Sherlock, that puts it behind the glass). The work around at the moment is to suspend the Videomic Pro under the iPad caddy and run a 3.5mm audio patch from it back to the camera. A hotshoe rail system could be added to allow for both a light and microphone mount that extends beyond the glass.

* Adding Teleprompt+ Remote allows you to remote control Teleprompt+ running on another iOS device via your iPhone/iPod Touch.

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