Music Monday #159 – 11th Banff International String Quartet Competition (2013)

BISQC 11th Banff International String Quartet Competition (2013)
For over 30 years, BISQC has celebrated the art of chamber music while providing career support for emerging string quartets. With great support of the RBC Foundation the 2013 competition will continue this experience, allowing for an unprecedented number of public performances and an exploration of a wide variety of music, all with the aim of creating a festival-like atmosphere during the week-long event. … The competition is open to quartets of all nationalities whose members are all under the age of 35. Unidentified copies of quartets’ audition recordings are reviewed by a preliminary jury of three, who pick 10 quartets to come to Banff to play for a second jury of seven. Both juries consist of members (or former members of) the world’s leading quartets.BISQC

And now for some music …

Recital Round 1 – The Dover Quartet

Romantic Round – Quatuor Cavatine

Recital Round – Navarra Quartet

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