[Trailwalker] ’100 Reasons’ Trivia Night

Trivia Night

Are you a cruel and horrible person who kicks Sock Monkeys? Of course you’re not, you are awesome and want to help Oxfam help others – even if you did miss the Oxfam Comedy Gala, and therefore the whole Sock Monkey Joke.

☛ WE NEED YOU for our Oxfam Trailwalker fundraising Trivia night! ☚

Our Oxfam trail walking buddies have teamed up to raise some money and walk for an extended period of time in support of Oxfam’s charity work around the world. We thought, ‘what better way to raise money than by having a bit of fun and some friendly competition’.
So, we’d love you to make up a table of 8-10 people ($15 per person, $0 per Sock Monkey attending) and come along to our ‘100 Reasons’ Trivia Night on Saturday 5th April.

Cheers from,
Team ‘100 Reasons – The Tenderfoots’
Tracy, Rebecca, Sherry and Cristy and
Team ‘100 Reasons – The Veterans’
Darren, Chris, Gwen and Frances

(No Sock Monkeys were hurt in the creation of this Trivia Night)

* ’100 Reasons’ Trivia Night [Facebook]

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