[Trailwalker] Tales from the trail – episode 07 – The road less travelled

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I—
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.”
— Robert Frost

“Let’s walk to Southbank for an ice-cream”. Tried it in 2010, but were hailed out at Collingwood Children’s farm (25 km). Tried again in 2012, but retired due to extreme heat at Burnley (30 km). “I know what we could do … let’s START at the ice-cream and walk home”.

Meeting in the city at 6:30 on Friday night, we started our 37 km walk out to Eltham along the Main Yarra Trail. We were outnumbered by bikes for the first couple of hours, but once it got dark we had the trail pretty much to ourselves. There are bits of the Yarra River that we have never seen before, and are quite pretty, and this trail is good practice for the Rail Trail part of Trailwalker. It’s long and flat … and despite being fairly well marked, it is still possible to take the road less travelled and end up in the middle of nowhere. Hmm, I think we should have turned left when we saw the Skipping Girl, rather than right. Ah well, just a little bit of extra distance, I’m sure it was just so we could find a rubbish bin.

Skipping Girl

3 hours and 17 km later we were at the Fairfield Boathouse. Who would have guessed? Fairfield Boathouse isn’t open at 9:30 on a Friday night. So we met up with Bev and Steve from our support crew instead before starting on the second leg of our journey.

Walking, walking, walking. I think it was around midnight when snippets of song began. Certain elements of silliness were also underway, and the local wildlife were out to ask us what we were doing at that hour of night – possums, fruit bats, kangaroos – and walking continued until about 1:45 am Saturday, when we very gratefully found our cars at Westerfold Park. With very tired feet and legs, we went home to bed so we would be fresh and raring to go at our first fundraiser event on Saturday afternoon.

A ‘Beer Pong’ tournament on Saturday afternoon, with friends battling it out for the honour of being the “100 Reasons” Beer Pong Champion of 2014. Thank you to all those who came along and made it such a good afternoon – you helped us raise $500 for Oxfam.

Beer Pong

Now to prepare for our next fundraiser event – our “100 Reasons” Trivia Night this Saturday evening before we go out for another training walk on Sunday. If you would like to join us on Saturday for a bit of fun and trivia, please let us know and we’ll put you on a table.

Cheers from the ‘100 Reasons’ teams,
Team 169: The Veterans – Darren, Chris, Gwen, Frances
Team 171: The Tenderfoots – Tracy, Sherry, Cristy, Rebecca

Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne – 100 km – teams of 4 – 48 hours

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