[Trailwalker] Tales from the trail – episode 08 – Fun, frivolity, fundraising!

We apologise for the delay in transmission …. this is last week’s blog. This week’s will be transmitted in a few days time.

Sock Monkey ready to fire up for Saturday night’s Team ‘100 Reasons’ trivia night

We’ve now held our two planned fundraising events.
The “100 Reasons” Beer Pong Tournament where the friendly battle to be Beer Pong Champion of 2014 was fierce, and
The “100 Reasons” Trivia Night with lots of fun, frivolity, competition and trivia.
As neither of these events could have been as successful as they were without considerable support, we’d like to thank the members of our teams, support crew and families for helping to prepare and run the events. the local businesses and friends who helped with donations and all the friends who came along and participated, helping make the events so much fun and helping us achieve our fundraising goals.
The walk on the morning after a Trivia Night requires an additional source of energy, therefore the new official training fuel is COFFEE!!! Starting from Ferntree Gully with a coffee in our hands, we headed up Lyrebird Track “I’m sure this is steeper than it was last time”. Maybe not? as we came up behind a girl strolling up the hill in 2 inch heels. Should these be our new Trailwalker footwear?
As we walked, talked and learned more about each other, we learned that Bec used to watch the Trailwalkers as a kid as she ‘helped’ her dad on logistics for the Trail. She has been patiently been waiting to be old enough to take part ever since, and finally now’s her chance. Between the 8 of us in the “100 Reasons” teams, we have a 50 year age range between the eldest and youngest team members.
On the second section of the walk, Olinda to Mt Evelyn, we decided that as we’d already seen the actual trail, we’d take the scenic route and so found ourselves on a (slightly unplanned) detour, adding a few extra kms to our journey. Oops, we zigged when we should have zagged.

Sunday – On the rail trail for our 3rd leg of the day. A bit slower than usual as we were backing up after the trivia night with 42km on the hilly section

At the end of each section of the trail, our support crew met us and plied us with food, drink and encouragement, so that after enjoying their ministrations for the second time that day, we were able to head out for the third and final leg of our day’s journey. Aah! a nice flat section along the rail trail, listening to, and trying to identify the music from old tv shows (which had been collected for the trivia night) to keep us together as we walked in the dark. Choosing to stop at the Killara Station on the rail trail “The 7:45 from Killara is not taking passengers, please disembark and stand clear“, we left the trail, found our crew, and finally went home after 42 km of walking.

Cheers from the ‘100 Reasons’ teams,
Team 169: The Veterans – Darren, Chris, Gwen, Frances
Team 171: The Tenderfoots – Tracy, Sherry, Cristy, Rebecca

Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne – 100 km – teams of 4 – 48 hours

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