[Trailwalker] Tales from the trail – episode 09 – Mordialloc to Jupiter

G’day folklings,

As a change of scenery for our longest (50 km), and final, big training walk together, we decided to head to the beach and walk the Coast Trail for the 25 km from Mordialloc to St Kilda, then turn around and come back again.

A slightly depleted group met in Mordialloc, as Cristy was in Thailand and Darren was in bed with the flu. Sherry also wasn’t able to make it to Mordialloc, so had organised a group of friends to take it turns to walk with her as she walked the distance around Hurstbridge instead.

The first 10 km of this walk is Frances’ regular weekly walk, so she was our navigator extraordinaire until we reached Half Moon Bay, but we were then in the Wilds Unknown. Thus a new reason was identified to have a rest stop – intersections, this way or that?

After stopping at Brighton Beach for a ‘checkpoint’ – food, drink and sit down – we continued and discovered that at Elwood there are quotes written in the path of memories of Elwood. Reading these kept us entertained as we started to wonder how much further ’til we turned around. As we neared St Kilda, we passed a wedding and contemplated gatecrashing until realising that, having not the forethought to pack our ‘posh frocks’, we might stand out a little.

And then St Kilda. The scale model sculptures (1: gazillion scale I think) of the solar system provided us with focus as we passed the Sun then Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, only 540 m to Jupiter, then Jupiter. Yes, we’ve made it to 25 km! Time to turn around. Many jokes were made about Tracy’s navigational skills “at least Darren kept us on the planet last week”.


While we had admired the sea and beach scenery on the way out, on the way back we admired the very expensive houses set up to look at that scenery. The voted favourite was the one with ‘his and hers’ garages, and telescopes were the toy of choice in many upper windows.

Being long and flat, and a lot on footpath, feet began to complain, so we had a bit of a shoe shuffle to give our sore feet a change of scenery. Also, not having Darren with us, we didn’t quite get the food intake right and so had an emergency food stop at Black Rock, a tactic that made a huge improvement to both our energy levels and morale.

All in all, a satisfying day and we feel that in less than 3-weeks, when we line up for the start of the Oxfam Trailwalker, that we’ll be as prepared as we can be.

Yes, folks, it’s now only 15 days away, the first Friday and Saturday in May. Wish us luck.


Cheers from the ‘100 Reasons’ teams,
Team 169: The Veterans – Darren, Chris, Gwen, Frances
Team 171: The Tenderfoots – Tracy, Sherry, Cristy, Rebecca

Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne – 100 km – teams of 4 – 48 hours

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