This weeks links (2014-04-28)

In brief:

* Stop the pirates? Behind Brandis’ copyright crusade (2014-Apr-30) [The Conversation]

* How One Woman Hid Her Pregnancy From Big Data (2014-Apr-26) [Mashable]
“Those kinds of activities, when you take them in the aggregate … are exactly the kinds of things that tag you as likely engaging in criminal activity, as opposed to just having a baby,” she said.

* The Storm on Everest (2014-Apr-25) [Outside]

“There is talk of retaliation on Sherpas who want to continue, and I’m not about to be part of this or put any of my staff or clients in danger.”
— Tim Rippel (Peak Freaks)

* Everest South side future a wild card (2014-Apr-26) [ExplorersWeb]
Sherpa reportedly threaten Sherpa on the mountain as well as in their villages at home. The Nepal government (currently a moderate socialist party after a series of toppled communists) tried to put up resistance but morale is gone and the mountain is dismantling.

* Nepal’s Everest spring season draws to a close before it begins (2014-Apr-27) [PlanetMountain]


* The Week In Bike #17 – 25 April 2014

Some reading/listening:

* The Sword & Laser Anthology is finally here!

Something from Bandcamp:

Dead Comet by Dead Skeletons

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