[Trailwalker] Tales from the trail – episode 10 – Only 4 sleeps to go!

Only 4 sleeps to go!

Yes folks, we’re now nervous, excited, apprehensive, and obsessively watching the weather forecast for Friday and Saturday. We’re getting our torches, walking poles and changes of socks organised to hand over to our support crew, packing our raincoats and warm clothing (we may need to have a chat to the weather god about this) and hoping that we’ve done enough training.

We’ve had our team logistics meeting with our fabulous support crew, given them our expected timing based on our training walks, and listened in awe as they sorted out the logistics of meeting us and feeding us and looking after us on Friday and Saturday. Thanks guys, we really appreciated what you’re doing for us, we wouldn’t be able to do this without you.

So, we’ve done our fundraising (if you still want to know how you can donate, just click on our team page, and there’s a donate button next to the team photo), walked over 400 km in training, increasing our training walking distance to 50 km, rested this week and are as ready as we’ll ever be for our 10 am start at Jells Park on Friday. Roll on Friday!
So to all of our friends and families who have wished us well, given us support, or donated to Oxfam for our team, we thank you very much. If you wish to see where we’ve made it to on the trail over the event weekend, you can go to the Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne website (https://trailwalker.oxfam.org.au/melbourne/find_team ), click on our team name (we’re the first 2 teams – 100 Reasons) and see where we are using the LIVE team tracker. The team tracker allows you to see how we’re tracking, our position, which checkpoint we’re at and when we reach the finish.

Alternatively, you can go straight to our team pages and the link to the team tracker will be beside the team photo once the event starts.

Cheers from the ‘100 Reasons’ teams,
Team 169: The Veterans – Darren, Chris, Gwen, Frances
Team 171: The Tenderfoots – Tracy, Sherry, Cristy, Rebecca

Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne – 100 km – teams of 4 – 48 hours

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