Tuesday Tunes‬ #162 – 2014 Eurovision Song Contest

This week Music Monday makes way for Tuesday Tunes‬.

eurovision-2014 Why Eurovision? Because sequins. Because key changes. Because pyrotechnics, smoke machines and glitter cannons. Because dramatic mid-song costume reveals. Because that time that Ireland sent a singing turkey puppet to represent their country internationally. Because in 2011, Belarus thought it was a good idea to enter with a song called “I Love Belarus”. Because countries invariably vote for their neighbours and whoever has genocided them the fewest times. Because poorly translated lyrics. Because a middle-aged man with drag queen make up, a disco ball costume and holographic platform shoes can finish in second place.20nothing

And now for some music …

Hersi – One Night’s Anger (Albania)

Mariya Yaremchuk – Tick – Tock (Ukraine)

Paula Seling & Ovi – Miracle (Romania)

[1] The 10 things you need to know before Eurovision 2014 (2014-May-04) [SBS]
[2] Eurovision 2014, pt 1: The Basics (2014-Apr-22) [20nothing]

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