* Flag on the play

* Belkin

* Astana

* What happened there?

* Radio Corsa: ‘to avoid attacks in the descent’

“Attention: A communication to directeur sportives. The management of the organisation have planned to put ahead of the head of the riders, depending on the situation, of course, after the top, to place in front of various groups an organisation moto with a red flag. All to avoid having attacks on the descent and after this to ensure that the riders remain in their positions and to prevent taking big risks and, for all, to remain in this position until the security agents lower the red flag.”

* now, no neutralization for the descent

* UCI commissaire Guy Dobbelaere denies the race is neutralized

* Astana

* Descent not neutralised at all

* Here’s a shot of Quintana and a red flag in the first k of the Stelvio descent.

* Neutralised confusion

* They said neutralized descend and Quintana attacked. Is there any fair play in cycling?

* Marco Velo driver of Safety moto”my red flag was up,quintana pass me

* “The organization blames on the radio exchange” — Patrick Lefevere

* What next?

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