Institute of Public Affairs – Australia’s very own Tea Party?


One group to which Tony Abbott has kept his promises as PM: the Institute of Public Affairs.
A collection of articles from the last week that make for a rather unflattering overview of where our current Federal politics are firmly seated. Not a great position given the underlying Ayn Rand philosophy and austerity economics have both been debunked.

* Science going back to dark ages (2014-May-28) [The Age]
❝The Climate Commission has gone. The carbon tax is to be rescinded. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency is to be abolished. The promise of a “Million Solar Roofs” is broken. And in what can only be described as an ideological move, the Abbott government introduced bills to abolish the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, despite it making a profit last year. The Prime Minister has declared war on the Australian renewable energy industry, the environment and science itself.❞

* Tony Abbott is a liar: It’s a mathematical truth (2014-May-29) [The Age]
❝It is clear that many Australians do not have any great respect for the scientific method or scientific practice. It seems way too common to regard science as just another belief system, nothing but boffin-based opinion. The result is that science is permitted no special claim to truth, which is a very dangerous, essentially mediaeval, state of affairs. What on Earth has happened?❞

* Abbott’s faceless men of the IPA (2014-May-31) [The Saturday Paper]
❝Not only have the IPA’s front organisations now penetrated the federal parliament, they will be crucial to the passage of the Abbott government’s legislation through the senate.
Notwithstanding all this government has done towards implementing its agenda, the IPA is still not satisfied. There are more items on its lists of aims and, as Roskam says, they’re continuing to “hold Abbott’s feet to the fire”.❞

* Free-market think-tanks waged war on entitlement, conscripted an Australian Joe (2014-May-30) [The Conversation]
❝The severity of Hockey’s first budget as treasurer appears to have taken many by surprise, resulting in widespread public outrage and even concerns from within Coalition ranks that the budget strategy has been misguided.
But should we have been surprised? The free-market, anti-welfare ideas informing this budget have been increasing in popularity in conservative circles since the 1940s. They have been propagated by an international network of think-tanks, forming what has been termed a “neoliberal thought collective”.❞

* TRACKING ABBOTT’S WRECKAGE Sally McManus [Unions. Politics. And stuff]
❝Tony Abbott has been in power since 7 September 2013. From that moment, he and his government have broken promises and hurt Australians.
This post will be regularly updated to keep track of the Abbott Government’s broken promises and everything his Government does to hurt Australians.❞

* Stuart Littlemore’s piece on the Institute of Public Affairs deficiencies (ABC TV, 2001)
(13yrs on and nothing has changed.)

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