This weeks links (2014-06-09)

In brief:

* Popular open-source media player, VLC, to get Chromecast support (2014-Jun-09) [Digital Trends]

* Why Authors Win Even if Authors Guild Lost (2014-Jun-10) Pamela Samuelson [linkedin]
… The Second Circuit ruled that digitizing books for the purpose of enabling researchers to find information contained in books in the HathiTrust digital library is a fair use. With the aid of HathiTrust’s technology, a researcher can make a query, for example, to find out how many of the 10 million books in the HathiTrust corpus contain references to anaphylactic shock. HathiTrust does not display the contents of in-copyright books responsive to such a query, but it does inform the researcher of the page numbers of books in physical library collections that are responsive to the query. …

* Red Button Flaw Exposes Major Vulnerability In Millions of Smart TVs (2104-Jun-06) [Forbes]
… The flaw was discovered by Yossi Oren and Angelos Keromytis at the Columbia University Network Security Lab and is being published in a paper at the USENIX Security Symposium in August. Oren and Keromytis reported their findings and showed a video of an attack in progress to the HbbTV standards body in December but were told a month later that such an attack wasn’t severe enough to merit changing the standard. The board said the attack would cost too much and not cover enough people to be as cost-effective as a regular wireline hack. …

* Apple’s Brave Attempt To Defy History (2014-Jun-04) [Apple Daily|Medium]
The iOS vs. Android rivalry is often seen as a repeat of the Mac vs. PC clash. Yes, there are some interesting nuances, but the strategic parallels largely hold and this week’s announcements from WWDC indicate that Apple itself is no longer debating how this platform vs. platform movie is unfolding. Apple is throwing everything it has behind preventing erosion of iOS’ limited market share.


* The Week in Bike #23 – 6 June 2014

* Federal Bikes London Calling BMX Videos

Some reading/listening:

* Ian Daffern – Charcoal (2014-Jun-09) [Tor]
Check out Charcoal, a supernatural story of revenge that takes place at a high school near you! Charcoal is written by Ian Daffern, drawn by Ho Che Anderson with layouts by Kalman Adrasofszky, and edited by Liz Gorinsky./em>

* Why adults shouldn’t be embarrassed to read children’s books (2014-Jun-10) [Guardian]
… Here’s my real objection: Ruth Graham assumes that literature is a means to an end. That it will bring to those who partake something beyond the experience of reading. I do not believe this is true. For me, reading is an end in itself – I do not read novels to transcend my intellectual boundaries. I read because my soul sings when I’m lost in a good narrative or caught up with characters I wish were real. I read because I love reading, not because I crave the reward of being stretched. …

Something from Bandcamp:

What I'm Doing Here/Wedding Band by Lake Street Dive

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