This weeks links (2014-06-23)

Monsalvat Winter Solstice

In brief:

* ‘Link is up’: 25 years since Australia connected permanently to the internet (2014-Jun-25) [The Age]
Twenty-five years ago this week, a satellite link connected Australia to the internet for the first time, thanks to the largesse of NASA.
The permanent connection, established at the University of Melbourne, afforded only a transmission speed of 56 kilobits per second, but was enough for NASA’s internet expansion program, funded by the US Federal Networking Council, itself linked to the US Department of Defence.
The man at the Australian end of the line was University of Melbourne researcher Robert Elz whose work relationship with University of Hawaii academic Dr Torben Nielsen helped the connection. …

* Death at 19,000 Feet: Sherpas, Fate and the Dangerous Business of Everest (Updated 2014-May-22) [WSJ Online]

* Digital ideas for the classroom (2014-Jun-18) [ABC Radio National, Big Ideas]

In a rapidly modernising world, technology is more important than ever in doing business, communication and social life. Bt what about in the classroom? A number of innovative schoolteachers have been combining learning with social media, video games and pocket devices to challenge the way their students learn.

* The MOOCs phenomenon, does it still have a pulse? (2014-Jun-18) [ABC Radio National, Future Tense]

Sally Mapstone is passionate about MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses. She’s passionate, that is, that MOOCs have no future at her university.
Dr Mapstone is the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Education at Oxford and she’s determined to avoid what she calls the ‘lemming-like rush’ toward the latest trend in higher education. A trend pioneered by US rivals Harvard and MIT.
So what does Oxford’s rejection say about the MOOCs model? And how do we square the continuing hype around MOOCs with recent research showing poor student retention rates and a failure to reach beyond the well-off and the already well-educated?

* Foxtel vs piracy: why the pirates are winning the war (2014-Jun-22) [The New Daily]
Everyone from the head of Foxtel, to the Attorney-General and the President of the United States think Australians are internet pirates, but the smear campaign is built on half-truths and myths.

* Laneway Learning in Melbourne
Laneway Learning in Melbourne currently happens on weekday evenings in cafes and bars in the CBD. Our classes usually cost $12, with around 20 people to keep it friendly.
Looks like a good idea.


* The Week in Bike #25 – 20 June 2014

Some reading/listening:

* What New Travel And Adventure Books Should I Read This Summer? (2014-Jun-20) [Outside Online]

* “Joe Strummer’s London Calling”: All 8 Episodes of Strummer’s UK Radio Show Free Online (2013-Jan-14) [Open Culture]

Something from Bandcamp:

The Giddy Limit by Professor Elemental

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