Tuesday Tunes‬ #170 – #TrollDJ (Stages 1 to 3)

TrollDJ #TrollDJ is the Twitter hash tag being used to comment on the music being played as the the SBS Tour de France coverage returns after an add break. There is a fair discussion regarding what the song is (thanks to Shazam this is not too difficult to confirm) and the relevance to the montage footage that the music has played over.
As we have only just started for this year’s tour, today we will look at some of the Troll’s work from STAGE 1, 2 and 3. You can also check out the inconclusive list for the rest of the tunes used by the Troll.

And now for some music …

♫ Dropkick Murphys – The Boys Are Back :: and they’re looking for trouble!

♫ Lacuna Coil – Nothing Stands in Our Way : except Tifosi with iPhones it would appear

♫ The Velvet Underground – I’m Sticking With You : If my frame joins with your frame –> #roadrash

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