This weeks links (2014-07-28)

In brief:

* Piracy crackdown misses the real crime (2014-Jul-28) [The Age]
… Most people are prepared to do the right thing given the chance, unless they feel like they’re being ripped off. Content providers have been screwing Australians for years. Now that consumers have finally found a way to fight back, the industry is demanding government help so it can continue to screw us.
Rather than put up laughably ineffective roadblocks to appease its powerful friends, the government would better serve the people by addressing the reasons why we break the law. Until it does, people won’t respect rules which are designed to ensure that Australians are treated as second-class citizens.

* Why Do E-Books Cost What They Do? (2014-Jul-25) [io9]
E-book pricing can seem mysterious. With some of the costs of paper publishing gone, does that mean that producing them is really cheaper? Or are there other hidden costs that get figured into the production of digital books?

* Comixology adds DRM-free option! Excelsior! (2014-Jul-27) [BoingBoing]
… I can only hope that other Amazon divisions, like Audible, follow suit. Unlike Comixology, Audible will only distribute its audiobooks with its proprietary DRM, even if the publisher and author object (this is why none of my audiobooks are on Audible). — Cory Doctorow


* The Champs-Élysées

* Marianne Vos wins the inaugural La Course

* On bike camera Marianne Vos – La Course

Wow! It will be awesome when they have sorted out the tech and we get this footage in the broadcasts.

* As Technology Makes Bicycles Lighter and Faster, It’s the Cyclists Falling Harder (2014-Jul-26) [NYT]

Some reading/listening:

* Emma Bull – De La Tierra (2014-Jul) [LightSpeed Magazine]
The piano player drums away with her left hand, dropping all five fingers onto the keys as if they weigh too much to hold up. The rhythms bounce off the rhythms of what her right hand does, what she sings. It’s like there’s three different people in that little skinny body, one running each hand, the third one singing. But they all know what they’re doing. …

* The Low-Tech Appeal of Little Free Libraries (2014-Jul-29) [CityLab]

* Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Disappearing Copyright (2014-Jul-31) [The Conversation]

Something from Bandcamp:
Strike the Earth! Shovel Knight Arranged by Jake Kaufman

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