This weeks links (2014-08-11)

In brief:

* How flakey is the internet? (2014-Aug-16) [The Age]
This week a technical hitch caused websites to wobble worldwide. Tom Chivers discovers the net is held together with chewing gum and string.

* The iPad Fiasco: “What do the Terms of Service Say About My Rights?” (2014-Aug-09) [Living in Dialogue]
A high school teacher asks us to consider the techrights and human rights of the underage human subjects of business-imposed edtech experiments and “innovations”, and to reflect on Audrey Watters’ column, Ed-Tech and the Templated Self: Thoughts from the “Reclaim Your Domain” Hackathon.

* tapiriik
tapiriik synchronizes your fitness activities between Garmin Connect, RunKeeper, Strava, TrainingPeaks,, Endomondo, RideWithGPS, and Dropbox.

* Dieselsweeties has a concise summary of the FB messenger app;


* The Week in Bike #30 – 9 August 2014

* Rocacorba Daily | Monday August 11, 2014 [CyclingTips]

Some reading/listening:

* 12 Classic Albums Everybody Needs To Hear At Least Once (2014-Aug-01) [Buzzfeed]
A post by Bose Australia, worth a look even though it is on Buzzfeed.

Something from Bandcamp:
Monstercat 018 – Frontier by Monstercat

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