This weeks links (2014-08-18)

In brief:

* Live streaming with Wirecast via MetaCDN and YouTube (2014-Aug-18) [UNIMELB : Research Services]
A recent large scale event gave us the opportunity to compare two live streaming service providers, MetaCDN and YouTube through Telestream’s ‘Wirecast Studio’ live streaming production software.

* Travailen – full version – Video (2014-Aug-18) [Red Bull Adventure]
You’ve seen the teaser, now watch the full edit playing exclusively here for a limited time only.

* In Conversation with mountaineer Andrew Lock (2014-Aug-20) [The Conversation]
Andrew Lock is the most accomplished high-altitude mountaineer in Australian history. He is the only Australian, the first person in the Commonwealth, and just the 18th man in the world to climb all 14 of the world’s 8000-metre mountains, including Everest – twice. …


* The Week in Bike #31 – 15 August 2014

* Stybar Crash Eneco Tour 2014 (Stage 4 Sprint)
Race directors; enough with the barrier legs protruding into the courses already!

Some reading/listening:

* Gwyneth Jones – The Grass Princess (2014-Aug) [LightSpeed Magazine]
It was April, and down in the orchard the first flashing blades of the new year’s growth were pushing aside the old, worn, winter stuff. The sky was blue and very clear, but the wind was cold. So the nursemaids put the little princess down under an apple tree, wrapped in her shawls, and ran away to play tag under the twisted apple branches, to keep themselves warm.

Something from Bandcamp:
Postmodern Jukebox, Season 2 by Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox

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