This weeks links (2014-09-29)

In brief:

* Australian universities rise in world rankings but report questions proposed tertiary education reforms (2014-Oct-02) [ABC News]
Australia has made big gains in the latest world university rankings, with one new entrant joining the world’s top 200, and most of Australia’s top universities moving up the rankings. …

* Deregulation could threaten standing of Australian universities in rankings (2014-Oct-02) [The Guardian]
Eight Australian universities make the Times Higher Education World University top 200, but rankings editor warns deregulation may weaken second-tier institutions …

* E-homework is widening the gap for disadvantaged students (2014-Sep-29) [The Conversation]
More and more teachers are turning to technology when assigning homework. But while e-homework can make out-of-class learning more fun and interactive, research suggests that it might further disadvantage…


* The Week in Bike #37 – 26 September 2014

Some reading/listening:

* This Is One Of The Best Months Ever For Science Fiction & Fantasy Books (2014-Oct-02) [io9]
No kidding. This month is just crushingly incredible, when it comes to new science fiction and fantasy books. Including a new William Gibson, Ann Leckie’s Ancillary sequel, Gillian Anderson’s science fiction novel, Ann Rice’s new Lestat book, new Chuck Palahniuk, and so much more. Here are 27 must-read titles. …

Something from Bandcamp:
Letters From Alphabet City (Available from 28/09/2014) by ASH

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