This weeks links (2014-10-06)

In brief:

* New Apple iPads, iMacs could be unveiled within days (2014-Oct-06) [The Age]
No sooner than the iPhone 6 frenzy is over, rumours have surfaced that Apple’s next product announcement is just days away. …

* Toxoplasmosis: how feral cats kill wildlife without lifting a paw (2014-Oct-06) [The Conversation]
Feral cats are a huge threat to our native wildlife, hunting and killing an estimated 75 million animals across Australia each and every night. But the killing spree doesn’t end there. There’s a parasite lurking in kitty’s litter that continues to kill wildlife long after the perpetrator has left the scene of the crime. …


* The Week in Bike #38 – 3 October 2014

* Call for safer cycle lanes in Royal Parade-Flemington Road corridor (2014-Oct-07) [The Age]
In the past five years, on two roads within a few hundred metres of the Royal Melbourne Hospital, 26 cyclists have ended up in emergency, new statistics reveal. The figures show that in the five years to June 2013 there have been been nine “doorings”, and eight left-turn or left-lane changes in which a cyclist has been hit. …

* Naturalistic Cycling Study: Identifying Risk Factors for Cyclists in the Australian Capital Territory (2014-Sep) [Monash Injury Research Institute]
The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has the highest cycling participation rate in Australia; however it also has one of the highest rates of cyclist serious injury. In this study, the behaviour of cyclists and their interaction with drivers was investigated to identify ways to improve cyclist safety. A naturalistic cycling study was conducted using helmet mounted video cameras with a GPS data logger. The study included an online survey and in-depth exit interviews. In total, 36 participants completed the study from September 2011 to April 2012. Participants recorded over 460 hours of video footage of their commute to and from work over a distance of almost 9,000km. In total, 91 potential conflict events were identified that involved the cyclist and another road user. The majority of the events involved the cyclist and a driver and were due to actions by the driver. Drivers turning left across the cyclist’s path and unexpectedly opened vehicle doors were the most common interactions. Cyclists recorded an average speed of 22.7km/h and a maximum speed of 56km/h. Data on cyclists’ speed provides new insights into how cyclists travel, particularly on-road and when interacting with other road users. Potential countermeasures and recommendations to improve safety for cyclists in the ACT are also discussed.

Some reading/listening:

* George R. R. Martin’s The Ice Dragon: “Secret in the Snow” (Excerpt) (2014-Sep-30) [Tor]
The Ice Dragon is an enchanting tale of courage and sacrifice for young readers and adults by the wildly popular author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Song of Ice and Fire series, George R.R. Martin. Lavish illustrations by acclaimed artist Luis Royo enrich this captivating and heartwarming story of a young girl and her dragon. …

Something from Bandcamp:
Soft Time Traveler by Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys

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