Halloween OTR

OTR Halloween :: the ancient festival of Samhain
Halloween, the light-hearted modern festivity of ghosts and ghoulies, frights and feast, trick or treat, has much more serious (and scary!) origins in the ancient Celtic Feast of the Dead. This festival has survived, due to its connection with the archetypal energies that it evokes and due to its more recent connection with the Christian festival of All Souls, which the Church has instituted as a substitute for this pagan celebration.

from Astrology on the Web

As Halloween approaches we find ourselves in need of a soundtrack. Now I know that Barry Manilow records scare the hell out of most people, but lets face it folks there are limits to what is socially acceptable. What does your retro ghoul, vampire or zombie listen to at Halloween?

Lights Out – 1938-04-06 Cat Wife (Boris Karloff)

The Weird Circle – Frankenstein

Beyond Midnight – The Signalman

Creaking Door – Don’t Take My Blood

Creeps By Night – The Walking Dead

Escape – The Fall of the House of Usher

Hall of Fantasy – Dance of the Devil Dolls

Nightfall – The Monkey’s Paw

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