This weeks links (2014-10-13)

In brief:

* #Gamergate Trolls Aren’t Ethics Crusaders; They’re a Hate Group (2014-Oct-14) [Jezebel]

* The Comic Book World Is Getting Safer for Women, But the Gaming World Isn’t (2014-Oct-15) [Time]
… Comics still have a long way to go when it comes to including women in the actual content they publish. Even now that Thor is a woman and a movie based on a female heroine from the Spider-Man universe is finally underway, women still make up only 29.3% of DC characters and 24.7% of Marvel characters, according to the calculations of FiveThirtyEight. But convention runners believe creating a safe environment at Comic Cons is a good first step: the more female voices that can participate in the conversation, the more representative comics will become. …


* The Week In Bike #39 – 10 October 2014

* 37 Round-the-World Cyclists Share Their Kit Lists (2014-Oct-09) [The Next Challenge]

Some reading/listening:

* Water Off a Black Dog’s Back (2014-Oct) [Lightspeed Magazine]
Rachel Rook took Carroll home to meet her parents two months after she first slept with him. For a generous girl, a girl who took off her clothes with abandon, she was remarkably close-mouthed about some things. In two months Carroll had learned that her parents lived on a farm several miles outside of town; that they sold strawberries in summer, and Christmas trees in the winter.

* Reading should be one of life’s joys, not a duty (2014-Oct-07) [The Telegraph]
‘Difficult’ books can be rewarding – but there’s no shame in not getting to the end

Something from Bandcamp:
The Black Box by aivi & surasshu

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