Firefox 33.0

Firefox v.33.0 was offered to release channel users on October 13, 2014.


Fixed in Firefox 33.0 [3]
MFSA 2014-82 Accessing cross-origin objects via the Alarms API
MFSA 2014-81 Inconsistent video sharing within iframe
MFSA 2014-80 Key pinning bypasses
MFSA 2014-79 Use-after-free interacting with text directionality
MFSA 2014-78 Further uninitialized memory use during GIF
MFSA 2014-77 Out-of-bounds write with WebM video
MFSA 2014-76 Web Audio memory corruption issues with custom waveforms
MFSA 2014-75 Buffer overflow during CSS manipulation
MFSA 2014-74 Miscellaneous memory safety hazards (rv:33.0 / rv:31.2)

*NEW* Support for connecting to HTTP proxy over HTTPS
*NEW* Improved reliability of the session restoration

Vulnerability ratings: 3 Critical, 4 High, 2 Moderate
Evaluation: test and update when possible

[1] Firefox features [Mozilla]
[2] Mozilla Firefox 33.0 Release Notes (2014-Oct-13) [Mozilla]
[3] Security Advisories for Firefox [Mozilla]
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