This weeks links (2014-11-03)

In brief:

* Cards Against Humanity: Australian Edition

* Higher Education Reforms – Ideology in Search of a Problem (2014-Nov-04) [Vice-Chancellor’s Blog | University of Canberra]
… Having spent the last 35 years in the service of universities, including nearly 8 as a vice-chancellor and 4 as a deputy vice-chancellor, I don’t see the need to respond personally to a minister who has held the portfolio for 14 months. I am proud, however, to provide a defence of NATSEM; which can be found at the end of this blog post. …


* The Week in Bike #42 – Why Cook Leftovers?

Some reading/listening:

* 7 Habits of Highly Effective Readers (2014-May-30) [BookRiot]
These may seem like the kind of habits that take a lot of commitment, but they really don’t. If you make reading a habit, the kind of thing you incorporate into your day even if it’s just a little bit here or there, none of these things will seem hard. They’ll seem more like second nature. And that’s what makes you a real reader.

* The most popular passages in books, according to Kindle data (2014-Nov-04) [SBS | News]

* Ep 1: Nobody mentions Nabokov (2014-Nov-04) [Chat 10 Looks 3]
In which Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales talk about books, television, radio, movies, food, politics and whatever else they feel like. Even show tunes.

Something from Bandcamp:

Listen for the Whisper by Bucketheadland

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