This weeks links (2014-11-10)

In brief:

* Zoo Twilights (2014)
Zoo Twilights is back this summer at Melbourne Zoo. 12 concerts over 12 nights will entertain you in a live music setting like no other. Tickets on sale now.

* How to Film your Expedition (2012-Jul-16) [Alastair Humphreys]


* The Week in Bike #43 – Product Is as Product Does [cyclingtips]

Some reading/listening:

* A 2014 Interview with Paolo Bacigalupi and A. S. King (2014-Nov-06) [Agony Column Podcast]
After I spoke to each author separately — while we all at in the office at Bookshop Santa Cruz — I spoke to the two of them together, which involved me saying fewer words than I plan on writing about the conversation. I can see why they sent these to authors on tour together. …
Paolo Bacigalupi

A. S. (Amy) King

Paolo Bacigalupi and A. S. King

* The 40 books every woman should read (2014-Nov-04) [Hello Giggles]
… Because I believe we all need a diverse literary palate, I’m going to even out the playing field. So without further ado, here are 40 books by women you should most definitely read …

Something from Bandcamp:

Chronicle by Lights & Motion

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