This weeks links (2014-12-01)

In brief:

* I don’t like Cyber Mondays. Cyber attack takes down hundreds of sites (2014-Dec-02) [The Conversation]

* Why Joe Hockey’s budget flopped so badly (2014-Nov-30) [The Age]
… The first and biggest reason the government is having to modify or abandon so many of its measures is the budget’s blatant unfairness. In 40 years of budget-watching I’ve seen plenty of unfair budgets, but never one as bad as this.
Frankly, you need a mighty lot of unfairness before most people notice. But this one had it all. Make young people wait six months for the dole? Sure. Cut the indexation of the age pension? Sure. Charge people $7 to visit the doctor, and more if they get tests, regardless of how poor they are? Sure. …

* Even if Labor wins the Victorian election, it will be trapped by its own mythology about the Greens (2014-Nov-13) [The Guardian]
You would think that a party like Labor with a centre-left legislative agenda – and if present polling is correct, a strong likelihood of winning government – would be keen to shore up a deal with the party most likely to vote with their legislation when it hits the upper house.
The Greens are the strongest of the parties to the left. Both Labor and the Liberal party won’t commit to preferencing, which favours the rightwing microparties: PUP, for example, or the conservative Christian outfits like Rise Up and Family First, the ancient Catholics of the DLP, the Shooters party and the libertarians-in-bikinis of the Sex party.

* Technology is making us blind: The dangerous complacency of the iPhone era (2014-Nov-29) [Salon]
… Yet somehow we need to take a step back, to uncouple ourselves from the seductive devices around us. We need to end our blind devotion and rediscover critical distance. This way we can start to view technology as it is: as both the key to our freedoms, and also their greatest threat. If we don’t, we may discover too late that the new technological utopia is actually a poisoned chalice, with profound implications for our privacy.

* Magic Lantern
Magic Lantern is a free software add-on that runs from the SD/CF card and adds a host of new features to Canon EOS cameras that weren’t included from the factory by Canon.


* The Week in Bike #46 – Let’s Play Pro Cyclist! [cyclingtips]

Some reading/listening:

* Christmas mashups: Santastic [Santastic]

* 2014 Summer Reading List for the Prime Minister (2014-Dec-01) [Grattan Institute]

Something from Bandcamp:

Lore: Book One by Druid Cloak

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