This weeks links (2014-12-08)

In brief:

* Victorian Government to scrap alpine cattle grazing trial (2014-Dec-10) [ABC:Rural]
… “This is a policy that we introduced legislation on back in 2005-06,” she said.
“The evidence that was presented to the Parliament and to the government of the day was that cattle grazing was doing significant environmental harm in our alpine national parks.
“We believe the science hasn’t changed.” …

* Downloading movies and TV is not a crime (2014-Dec-10) [SMH]
… It may not be ethical and downloaders might be sued for copyright infringement, but there are no laws that criminalise Australians downloading and watching content for their own individual use.
“It’s not illegal,” Electronic Frontiers Alliance executive officer Jon Lawrence told Fairfax Media.
“Downloading something like Game of Thrones without paying for it is a breach of copyright but if you’re not doing it on a commercial scale, it’s simply a civil issue and it’s the copyright owner’s problem if they want to come after you.” …

* Running New Zealand’s Great Walks: hallucinations, frozen extremities and near-drownings (2014-Dec-05) [The Guardian]

* Yahoo Starts Selling Flickr Users’ Photos (2014-Dec-02) [newstex]
… Images bearing a Creative Commons licenses that allow for commercial use will be sold as canvas prints for up to $49 each with no payments going to the image owners. Instead, Yahoo! will retain all revenues. However, each canvas print will include a “small sticker bearing the name of the artist.” …


* The Week in Bike #47 – Who Pays? [cyclingtips]

Some reading/listening:

* Jeff Sparrow on re-reading his favourite childhood books (2014-Dec-08) [ABC:RN]
Writer and editor Jeff Sparrow recently re-read his favourite childhood books – Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five and The Biggles, by Captain W.E. Johns.
Instead of a nostalgic walk down memory lane, Sparrow says it was a disappointing and confounding experience.
He found the adventures that he so loved reading as a kid formulaic, and the dialogue terrible.

Something from Bandcamp:

Does Santa Claus by The Yogscast

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