This weeks links (2014-12-15)

In brief:

* Crisis at IAAF that threatens to bring athletics to its knees (2014-Dec-13) [The Guardian]
The IAAF has been engulfed in crisis over doping allegations – but where does the governing body go from here?

* Dean Sunshine’s Melbourne street art book a permanent record of ephemeral works (2014-Dec-11) [The Age]

* Wikipedia is amazing. But it’s become a rancorous, sexist, elitist, stupidly bureaucratic mess. (2014-Dec-11) [Slate]


* The Week in Bike #48 – Grossly Disproportionate [cyclingtips]

* How to Watch a Bike Race (2014-Dec-10) [cyclingtips]
Cosmo Catalano is frequently asked how he manages to catch all the detail he works into the How The Race Was Won videos. So naturally, he decided to make a video going through his viewing process. …

Some reading/listening:

* The Most-Recommended Novel Of All Time Is ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ (2014-Dec-15) [Huffington Post]

* Are You an Adult Who Reads YA Novels? Congratulations, You Saved Publishing in 2014 (2014-Dec-16) [Flavorwire]

Something from Bandcamp:

A Very Steampunk Christmas by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing

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