This weeks links (2015-01-26)

In brief:

* Badass Danish YouTuber Destroys Every Hollywood Archery Myth (2015-01-23) [Nerdist]
The archer, i.e. the person with the bow and arrow, has been around for many centuries, millennia even, and they’ve been around in films for about as long as there’ve been movies. But, it seems, most of what we think of when we see someone pull an arrow from a quiver and fire it from a longbow is actually just a myth perpetuated by Hollywood to make things to look good. And, nowadays, archers in the real world just shoot at targets; they aren’t the quick-thinking, quick-reflexed warriors they once had to be. That’s where Danish self-taught archer Lars Andersen comes into the picture, showing off his skills with what he thinks old-timey bowmen must surely have had to do to not die, and to take out as many opponents as possible. …

* Hey, Parents. What Minecraft Is Doing to Your Kids Is Kind of Surprising. [2machines]
… “I definitely think Minecraft is a freak thing,” Markus Persson, the game’s creator, told the New Yorker. “There’s no way you could replicate it intentionally.”
Regardless of the task, teamwork is a key part of the experience. For Lilly, the thrill is in the discovery. She takes pride in telling me the time she and her brothers found a jukebox in an abandoned mineshaft, and then, exploring further, stumbled upon a CD to play on their adventures. Meanwhile, Kayla says she regularly talks to friends about the game and checks Instagram for the hashtag #Minecraft to join the community.
That thriving subculture lets kids experience all things Minecraft. They connect online on forums, and offline at conferences and summer camps, sharing their love of the game and even collaborating on real-world items. …


* Coup for cycling with Subaru Track Nationals to be LIVE streamed on WWOS (2015-Jan-26) [Cycling Australia]
LIVE Streaming: Thursday – 630pm, Friday – 630pm, Saturday – 545pm.

* How The Race Was Won. Ep83. Tour Down Under 2015 (2015-Jan-26) [Cyclocosmblr]

Some reading/listening:


Something from Bandcamp:

Divina Commedia by Fegefeuer Anilmathiel

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