Tuesday Tunes‬ #190 – Static-X

static x ❝ The younger orc knelt and fiddled with something on the backside of the edifice, and massive hidden speakers started blaring. Metal. The orcs were playing heavy metal.
“JBL. Kick ass . . . sound system,” Skippy grunted at us. “Come! Party!” The entire tribe began to either bang their heads, dance wildly, or jump up and down with their hands extended above their heads, pointer and pinky fingers extended in the devil horns of classic rock. The children formed a mosh pit and began to slam each other about. The mothers looked on approvingly.
“Skippy, I wish that we could,” I shouted back over the sounds of Static X. “But we have a mission. …” ❞
— Larry Correia – Monster Hunter International

If it’s good enough for the Orcs, some Static-X is good enough for this week’s X ‎TuesdayTunes.

And now for some music …

Static-X – I’m With Stupid

Static-X – The Only

Static-X – Destroyer

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