** March Challenge – Aussie Author Month **

goodreads The Aussie Readers group on Goodreads has the March Challenge – Aussie Author Month;

With Writers’ Festivals already starting across the country, Adelaide in SA has theirs in March. So let’s celebrate the Adelaide Writers’ Festival by: Reading – all by Aussie Authors: … Choose a minimum of two books (but you can read all four) – one of which HAS to be “c” – A tribute read.


a) A debut novel

b) An author new to you

c) As a tribute, a title by Colleen McCullough
WithoutBoringBits Colleen McCullough – Life Without the Boring Bits
Intimately personal memoir, reflections on life and observations on modern society from Australian national treasure, Dr Colleen McCullough. World-famous writer and national treasure Colleen McCullough has always resisted the idea of writing an autobiography – books on the subject of the self tend to be “stuffed to pussy’s bow with boring bits”. But her mind has a life of its own. Here, finally, is its portrait. Among the personal reminiscences and thought-provoking musings in Life Without the Boring Bits lie clues as to the shaping of this extraordinary mind: the confused, impulsive, thoughtlessly cruel mother; the miserly absentee father; the far-reaching effects bureaucrats can have on the lives of strangers; the riddle of Time … Colleen’s mind laughs at life. It cries at life. Its memory is phenomenal, its appetite for new knowledge insatiable. And though it holds the secrets to how the books were written, this is a mind that can tell stories against itself and see things that were never there. If Colleen McCullough has any lesson to teach in Life Without the Boring Bits, it is that nothing above, below, or on the surface of the Earth can keep a good mind down, let alone break it.
(Media: )

d) A male author
PresumedUndead Jeremy Davies – Missing, Presumed Undead
Missing, Presumed Undead is Elmore Leonard meets Dashiel Hammett meets Terry Pratchett with China Mieville peering through the window (they got along fine until Terry spilt his tea all over Elmore’s Italian sports jacket…). It has an intriguing mystery driven plot, dipped in funny syrup and set in a classical fantasy-style world with the mood and magic driven “technology” of a Casablanca-style 30’s detective story. It isn’t so much hard boiled as char grilled, with a side salad.
(Media: Dead Tree )
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