Wednesday WIN (2015-Mar-11)

OutrunTheSun Outrun The Sun
On Saturday June 21st 2014, the longest day of the year, we hosted a world-first trail challenge as two relay teams of runners attempted to ‘Outrun The Sun’ around the Mont Blanc – Western Europe’s highest peak.
The Outrun the Sun challenge started and finished in Chamonix, covering 152km of mountainous terrain, with the athletes climbing 8,450 metres of crippling ascent through France, Italy and Switzerland.
The challenge – to finish the race in the time between sunrise and sunset – was captured on camera and the result is a unique documentary, titled ‘Outrun The Sun’. Created by production company Sunset+Vine, the film follows the trials and tribulations of each athlete as they embark on the toughest challenge of their careers. It captures every last moment of blood, sweat and tears. …

Outrun The Sun – Part One

Part 1: describes the unique challenge and introduces the two relay teams, Team Ultra Trail and Team Enduro, as the anticipation builds ahead of the big day.

Outrun The Sun – Part Two

Part 2: gives inside access to the athletes as they prepare for one of the biggest challenges of their lives. The film also introduces the support team as every effort is made to prepare the athletes for the world-first trail challenge.

Outrun The Sun – Part Three

Part 3: The Outrun the Sun challenge begins. Enjoy all the action as Team Ultra Trail and Team Enduro push themselves to the limits.

Outrun The Sun – Part Four

Part 4: Enjoy the final part in the Outrun the Sun series. Find out if Team Ultra Trail and Team successfully complete the challenge. We warn you, it’s nail-biting…

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