… using motors in frames …

Technical Cheating
… The question is, “When does performance advantage become technical cheating?” To prevent technical cheating, a strong adherence to the regulations, a strong interpretation of the spirit of the sport, coupled with UCI’s open communication with teams and manufacturers of cycling equipment is desirable. A clear, unambiguous set of technical rules are critically important for this aspect of the sport. They require continuous review and update, given the pace of technological development.
The Commission was told of varying efforts to cheat the technical rules, including using motors in frames. This particular issue was taken seriously, especially by top riders, and was not dismissed as being
isolated. Other forms of cheating were explained, relating to frames construction, saddle specifications, and the wearing of illegal clothing and apparel. One interviewee alleged that another had heated a cycling track to elicit an advantage to the home team, by enabling them to use more advantageous tyres. … ❞
— p.85 Cycling Independent Reform Commission report [PDF] (2015-Mar-09) [UCI]

❝ Allegations of motors in bikes cropped up in 2010 when former professional Davide Cassani appeared in a video and showed a bike featuring what he said was a hidden motor in the seat tube.
That video contained footage of Fabian Cancellara’s victorious performances in Paris-Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders, two races he dominated. Cassani appeared to be claiming that the Swiss rider may have used such a motor in his successes.
Cancellara denied this, telling the Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad that the claims were ‘so stupid I’m speechless.’ ❞
Cookson on motors in bikes: “Our information is this is a very real possibility” (2015-Mar-27) [CyclingtTps]

❝ “I think we gave a pretty strong sign at the weekend that we are aware that this is a potential problem, that we are not going to stand idly by and let it damage and destroy our sport in the way that doping did,” he said, referring to the San Remo checks.
“We are going to seek any means necessary, including the support of local police, to check up on this.
“That would not just include bikes at the finish. It could include bikes that were used mid-race and then put on top of team cars, etcetera. We have got a new technical cheating rule in the handbook this year and we intend to make sure that we follow it. ❞ {Brian Cookson, UCI President}
Cookson on motors in bikes: “Our information is this is a very real possibility” (2015-Mar-27) [CyclingtTps]

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